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A question I get asked quite often from my subscribers is how can they speed up the process of manifesting their dreams when applying the law of attraction. There are a lot of different factors which need to be considered when you’re applying the law of attraction, way to many to cover in this one article alone! However I want to cover the first and most important step in using the law of attraction before covering three proven techniques on how to use the law of attraction more effectively. So firstly and most importantly is understanding that you need to accept responsibility for your actions and acknowledge that you have quite literally created your own reality and way of life!This is quite difficult for most to accept which is why they struggle to make the law of attraction work for them properly! Take some time to think about it. Do you allow past events and people to affect your way of thinking today still?Do you blame others for some of your misfortunes?Once you acknowledge that only you can manifest that which you desire you will be in good stead to proceed through the next three steps.1. Committing To Your BeliefsHere you need to be completely honest with yourself and ask yourself how committed you really are to making your dreams a reality. Most people give up to early because they don’t see the results that they want fast enough, it takes time to really accept that you can or already have received that which you desire.You also need to show commitment to your own beliefs and focus your attention and energy on manifesting these beliefs into a physical entity. Allow for yourself to be free of your daily stresses and worries and allocate some time where you’re solely focused on practicing the law of attraction and allow no other influences (especially negative) to impact your positive vibe.2. ALWAYS Show GratitudeNow, here’s the problem I see all to often, many people are focusing their attention and energy on the things that they don’t have!This is completely the wrong approach as you’re sending out vibes of need and want! Instead be grateful for the things that you do have, each day show appreciation for being blessed with these things and you’ll be radiating a much more positive vibe.This really is key as you’ll gradually realize that you are actually already better off than most (third world countries for instance).This one approach alone can really bring about some profound changes if you truly adhere to it and continue to show gratitude and appreciation.3. Keep Doing The Things That Make You Feel GoodThis final tip is one I picked up from Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey’s 11 Forgotten Laws and sounds so obvious but it is astonishing the number of people who don’t allow time for the activities they enjoy!If you enjoy a particular activity then it makes sense to do if more often right? Of course it does! The problem is far to many people become consumed by routine and don’t engage in these activities.Make note of the things that make you feel good, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Even simple things such as making more time for old friends and acquaintances is a sure-fire way to feel good about yourself and more fulfilled.Not only doe this technique help speed up the process of the law of attraction but it is also going to help you enjoy life more which is another important step in manifesting your dreams alone!

Top 4 Problems of Online Real Estate Training Courses! | Real estate

The real estate industry is a great industry: With the proper know how, effort, and mentorship you can become financially free.Real estate usually involves investing in homes, offices, or other land or buildings. For example, a real estate investor might choose to buy a house at a particular location. If he thinks it is in a market where property values will rise in the near future he’ll probably consider his buy valuable. Of course only time can tell if a property is as valuable as originally anticipated.Real estate training courses generally teach strategies for buying and selling properties, purchasing cash flow notes, foreclosures, or buying properties for no money down. Many innocent business opportunists are confident that these programs will work because everybody knows that “real estate is the real deal money maker!”So what’s the deal with real estate training courses? Are they just hype or can you follow their directions and get rich as the ads claim? Read on for the truth you must know about real estate training courses.The first big problems of real estate training courses are time, money, hard work, and know-how: Only after trying dozens of real estate programs will you discover the following facts: All you need to succeed in realty is tons of know how, tons of money, tons of time, and tons of hard work. You probably lack at least two of those qualities, and likely three, or all of them. No real estate program being sold can give them to you either.The second problem of real estate training courses is that you’ll lack the nerve and personality for it: You probably don’t have the heart to be ruthless, cold, and merciless to acquire cheap properties from desperate sellers. If you do, you won’t be able to sleep at night knowing you are taking advantage of people. If you like doing these kinds of things, disregard this disadvantage and add it to your advantage list.The third disadvantage of real estate training courses is the property management and tenant issues you’ll run into: You really don’t want the headaches of employees, managing properties, dealing with the fickleness of tenants, and all the red tape that goes along with the real estate business.The fourth problem with realty in general is that many people who have interest lack of experience in construction work and housing maintenance: Unless you know a lot about housing maintenance, you will have problems fixing up the “fixer-uppers” you’ll buy. Many people who are successful and enjoy purchasing real estate properties have a background in construction, roofing, plumbing, and general housing maintenance.ConclusionThere have been thousands of people who have fallen victim of real estate training course scams. People who simply want to earn an extra income from home find themselves cheated by dishonest scam artists who take advantage of their naiveté. Everyday new scams are popping up all over the internet. It has become harder to find legitimate work from home operations. And it will not get any easier in the future…So, if you are planning on trying one of those real estate training courses you’ve gotten ads for in your mailbox or seen in magazines or on TV., use common sense and the guidelines above to avoid falling victim to these infamous scams!